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Opting for regular vehicle servicing is one of the ideal ways to pass the MOT test in one go. It also helps you avoid sudden breakdowns and expensive repairs in the long run that generally arises from underlying problems in the vehicle. You also increase your vehicle’s resale value with a good car service Luton history.

If you are looking for a reliable workshop that offers Car Service Luton, visit Autosave Ltd. No matter the segment of vehicle you drive, our technicians have the necessary expertise to deal with it. We also have the latest technology and equipment to diagnose any issue in your car and deliver a quick resolution.

Types of vehicle servicing available at our workshop

We primarily offer the following two types of car servicing and Car Repair Luton

Interim servicing

An interim car service should be carried out after every 6 months or 6,000 miles, whichever is earlier. Interim servicing Bedfordshire is highly recommended for those who drive frequently.

You get the following checks under our interim vehicle services-

  • Fuel filter replacements
  • Oil change
  • Steering and suspension components inspection
  • Tyre condition and tread depth check
  • Topping up screen wash
  • Brake callipers check
  • and more – in total, an interim service includes 55 check points.

Full servicing

All car owners should opt for a full service once a year or after every 12,000 miles, whichever is earlier. A full Car Service in Luton is necessary for all, irrespective of how frequently they drive.

Wondering what’s included in our full car servicing Bedfordshire? Let’s check!

In addition to the checks mentioned under the interim vehicle services, our full car servicing also includes-

Batery check

Our technicians will check your car’s battery during Car Service Luton. We will thoroughly inspect its condition; if needed, we will advise you to get it replacement.

Check coolant levels

The engine coolant or antifreeze maintains the radiator’s temperature during extreme weather conditions. Our technicians will check the level of the engine coolant and replenish/replace it if necessary.

Steering and suspension

Different components of the suspension system (shocks, struts, joints, bushings, steering, etc.) will be checked for damage or wear.

Oil change

A yearly oil change is necessary to ensure that your car engine is in its best health. Not changing the engine oil can turn it into sludge, which will damage the internal components of your car’s engine, leading to more expensive services.

Oil filter replacement

The oil filter in your car is responsible for separating contaminants present in the engine oil. With use, this filter accumulates these contaminants, after which a replacement becomes a compulsion.

Air filter replacement

The purpose of an air filter is the block environmental contaminants like dust and debris from entering the engine. After a time, replacing this component is also necessary.

Apart from the above, our technicians will also inspect your car’s wheels and tyres, lights, body, windscreen wipers and washer fluid, plus replace the pollen filter during vehicle services and Car Repair Luton.

Seasonal car servicing and Car Repair Luton

We also offer summer and winter checks as part of our seasonal car servicing.

You can find more information about these services in separate sections on this website.

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