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Are you looking for DPF cleaning Luton for your vehicle?


Do you own a diesel-powered vehicle and are looking for a workshop that offers cost-effective DPF cleaning Luton?

Look no further and visit our workshop, Autosave Ltd.

We are a trusted workshop well-known in and around Bedfordshire and are highly sought-after for our DPF cleaning services. We have a team of meticulously trained experts in this field of work. These experts will thoroughly inspect your car's DPF to decide the right regeneration process and ensure the DPF performs optimally.

Why is it essential to clean the DPF?

DPF or Diesel Particulate Filter is developed specifically to capture carbon residues, fly ash, soot, and the residues of Sulphur and Nitrogen emitted during the combustion process. This helps to reduce emissions of harmful toxic gases.

But there is a limit to how much a DPF can accumulate harmful residues. Beyond this limit, all residues must be burned to clean the DPF and eliminate clogging of the filter.

Therefore, we recommend you opt for a routine DPF cleaning in Luton from us because:

    • It prevents the accumulation of soot and other carbon residues, ensuring the filter is clean and functions optimally.
    • Routine DPF cleaning also keeps your engine in good health and improves its performance.
    • It also reduces the toxicity of the gases emitted during the combustion process, helping you to abide by the UK's environmental standards.

Symptoms of a clogged DPF system

Here are some tell-tale signs of a clogged DPF:

    • Poor fuel economy
    • Black smoke from the exhaust tailpipe
    • Reduced engine performance as the ignition process gets affected by harmful fumes

If you notice any of these warning signs, visit us for a detailed inspection and cost-effective DPF cleaning Luton. We assure you of prompt solutions without much turn-around time.

Why choose us?

Our expertise helps us offer DPF cleaning for every diesel vehicle segment. We use the latest equipment for the inspection process and follow one of the three methods of DPF cleaning Luton:

    • Active regeneration- We will inject raw fuel into the diesel oxidisation catalyst (DOC). The fuel will remove the clogging by increasing the temperature inside the DPF.
    • Passive regeneration- We will make your vehicle's engine run at around 40 mph for approximately 20 minutes. This will heat the DPF to over 600°C and burn off all the trapped soot.
    • Manual regeneration- We also have certified experts who specialise in manual DPF regeneration. Therefore, if your vehicle needs a manual regeneration of the DPF, we have got you covered.

Sounds good?

Then look no further for DPF cleaning near me and call us.

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