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Are you looking for MOT Luton for your vehicle?


MOT is a mandated test to assess the roadworthiness of every vehicle above 3 years old to drive on UK roads legally. MOT testers inspect various car components and ensure they are in optimal condition to deliver reliable on-road performance. Driving with a failed MOT Test Luton can result in fines of up to £2,500. Moreover, in case of an accident, most insurance companies will not cover any damage.

Is your vehicle’s MOT due?

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Autosave Ltd. is an authorised centre offering MOT check for 4, & 7 vehicles. We house all necessary equipment and a team of certified testers to conduct the MOT Test Luton. Our professionals are well-acquainted with the legal requirements of MOT and conduct the checks conforming to the same.

Class identification

Class 4: This category includes cars, all 3-wheeled vehicles weighing more than 450 kg, goods & service vehicles with DGW of up to 3000kgs and passenger cars or dual-purpose carriers with up to 12 seats.

Class 7: Vehicles with dry gross weight (DGW) from 3000-3500 kgs form this category.

What does our MOT Check Luton entail?

Our technicians will first check the MOT history of your vehicle and then inspect the following components:

Tyres and wheels

It is mandatory for tyres to feature a tread depth of at least 1.6mm – which is the legal minimum to drive in the UK. Our experts will check the same, along with the tyre’s roadworthiness. We will also inspect your car wheels for signs of damages. Bent wheels can hamper car control significantly.

Steering wheel and column

Professionals at Autosave Ltd will conduct tests on your car’s steering column, steering arm, etc. and ensure they are working optimally. Faults in the steering wheel column can lead to diminished car manoeuvrability and make you vulnerable to on-road mishaps.


The condition of shock absorbers is essential for driving comfort and your car’s ability to deal with different road conditions. Therefore, a thorough inspection of your vehicle’s suspension system is also a part of our MOT Check Luton.


Emission levels are a crucial part of an MOT Test Luton. Our professionals will perform tests and check your car’s exhaust emissions. Failure to meet the legal standards will lead to MOT test failure.


Your car’s braking system needs to work optimally to pass an MOT Luton. Worn out brakes and increased braking distance are dangerous and therefore result in MOT failure.

Headlights and brake lights

Our experts will also check whether your vehicle’s various lights, including headlamps, brake lights, indicators, etc., are functioning correctly. They are also a crucial part of your on-road driving safety.

Seats and seatbelts

Moving on with the checks for MOT in Luton, our experts will then inspect seatbelt condition and functional levels.

Other checks included in our MOT

  • General body condition
  • Mirrors
  • Fuel tank
  • Wipers and windscreen, and several other vehicle components

MOT certification that we provide

VT20: We issue this certificate when all essential vehicle components meet DVSA regulated standards and conditions for roadworthiness. It is also referred to as an MOT pass certificate.

VT30: If a vehicle does not meet certain road safety standards, we issue a VT30 certificate with all details about the failing components and associated dangers

Classification of issues identified during MOT Luton

The following classifications of issues are based on severity:

  • Dangerous (Results in an MOT fail)
  • Major (Results in an MOT fail)
  • Minor & Advisories (Do not affect the pass or fail of an MOT)

You can opt for our post-MOT checks & repairs in case of an MOT failure. Afterwards we will carry out a partial re-test. If done within 10 working days, this test is free of charge.

Unless your previous MOT certificate is still valid, you will be no longer allowed to drive the vehicle until all repairs have been carried out and the partial re-test has been done.

You can now safely end your search for an “MOT checker near me” in and around Luton with Autosave Ltd.

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