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Are you looking for Summer Check Luton for your vehicle?


Do you know that in summer, cars are 50% more likely to break down alone due to overheating?

Whether you are planning for a long journey, a holiday or just for going to the local supermarket, your vehicle must be ready to beat the issues caused by rising temperatures and ensure optimal performance. That is why you should opt for a car summer check just before the onset of the summer months to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly at all times.

Are you looking for a car summer check Luton?

Consider visiting us- Autosave Ltd at UNIT B 66-80 Arundel Road, Luton, LU48DY.

Seasonal checks provided at Autosave Ltd are standard and highly sought-after in Luton, backed by a technologically advanced setup.

We work with a team of professionals and top-quality equipment that enhances our service's accuracy and efficiency.

Our professionals will check all the essential car components during the services and give advice on repairs or part replacements if necessary.

List of summer car checks Luton offered at our workshop

Cooling system check

Our professionals check the cooling system during a car summer check and ensure all the fans are working optimally. A leaking cooling system can cause direct damage to the vehicle engine. Also, our experts check the coolant level and top it up with the right anti-freeze if the mark is below the required level.

Air conditioner check

One of the major car summer checks includes inspecting the cooling efficiency of a vehicle’s air conditioner. Old and dirty cabin filters may get clogged with pollutants like smog, dust, fumes and pollen. Experts at our workshop check if the air conditioner is performing optimally and refill the refrigerant level if required.

Windscreen wipers inspection

Winters put a lot of strain on windscreen wipers. Broken or damaged windscreen wipers can hardly clean the screen. During a car summer check Luton, our professionals check the condition of windscreen wipers and replace them if needed. They will also top up the screen wash liquid.


During summer car services Luton, our professionals ensure all the battery cables, wirings etc., are clean and tightly secured. They also check the charging system for utmost safety.


Experts of Autosave check the tyre depth (tyres must have a minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm) and tyre pressure as well. Also, they look for any cuts, bulges or other damage and recommend replacement in case any issue is found.

Oil levels

An inadequate/disproportionate oil level can cause severe damage to the vehicle’s engine. Summer car services at our workshop include oil level checks and an oil top-up if necessary.

Apart from these, we also check your vehicle’s lights, braking system, suspension and a few other parts, depending on your vehicle type- and age.

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