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Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Check Luton for your vehicle?


Do you know that car tyres automatically lose up to 3 psi of pressure every month?

Tyre pressure directly impacts your vehicle’s navigating ability, especially when taking corners or while braking. That is why vehicle tyres must have correct air pressure to ensure enhanced fuel efficiency, longer tyre life, and, most importantly, on-road driving safety.

At Autosave Ltd, we provide a free tyre pressure check Luton to ensure your tyres are accurately inflated. We have advanced equipment and a specialised pressure gauge that offers correct readings of tyre inflation levels. Based on these readings, our experts will also inflate/deflate your car’s tyre pressure as per requirement.

What can cause tyre pressure loss?

Some of the common causes of tyre pressure loss are mentioned below-

  • TPMS valve leaks
  • Tyre age
  • Rough driving conditions
  • Faulty mounting
  • Wrong tyre size
  • Incomplete or low-quality repairs
  • Slow punctures due to hidden damage

Hazards of using over or under-inflated car tyres

  • Under-inflated tyres speed up wear on the exterior sides of a tyre.
  • Under-inflated tyres reduce fuel efficiency and affects braking performance.
  • Over-inflated units cause rapid wear on the centre of a tyre, reducing traction.
  • Over-inflated tyres increase the risk of a tyre blowout.

What is the right tyre air pressure?

Tyre pressure is measured in pressure per square inch (PSI) or BAR pressure. Recommended tyre pressure of a vehicle is determined by its manufacturer and varies from one model to another.

The information related to the right tyre pressure can be found in the vehicle handbook or on your car’s tyre placard (usually inside the glove compartment or in one of the car door jambs).

What do we do?

During a free tyre pressure check Luton, our technicians will first refer to the vehicle handbook/Placard or owner's manual to find out the right inflation level for your respective car segment.

Following this, they will remove the valve cap and attach the tyre pressure gauge to check the inflation level. If your car tyres do not have the required air pressure, our experts will inflate them adequately.

Alternatively, if the tyres are over-inflated, we will remove the cap to let some air pass out to achieve the correct air pressure level.

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Please note: You should get your vehicle’s tyre pressure checked at least once a month.

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