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Are you looking for Winter Check Luton for your vehicle?


As winters arrive, you need to ensure that your vehicle is safe and reliable for the season. Winter roads can be hazardous and cause accidents due to bad weather, snow, ice or sleet. Therefore, getting a car winter check is imperative to make your vehicle fit for the challenge.

Looking for workshops that offer comprehensive winter check Luton?

Search no further and visit Autosave Ltd without it giving a second thought.

At Autosave, we offer cost-effective winter checks for every vehicle segment. We thoroughly check the vehicle’s problem areas and provide efficient and affordable solutions to make it winter-ready.

Check out the services included in our car winter check Luton?

Tyre check

A vehicle's stopping distance increases on icy, snowy or wet roads. According to UK law, the minimum tread depth of a tyre has to be 1.6mm; but let’s be honest, is such a low tread really enough? Does it provide enough traction and optimal braking response in such conditions? Our technicians will check the tread depth and the overall condition (damages etc.) In case we find any issues, we will show you directly and give (non-obligatory) advice. Afterall, it’s all about your safety.

Battery evaluation

Battery failure is one of the most common reasons for breakdowns during the winter months. Even duly charged batteries during winters retain just two-thirds of their original power. As a part of our winter car services Luton, we carry out an extensive battery evaluation and check its strength to let you know about any further attention.

Refill the coolant

The engine coolant should be properly maintained to help avoid extensive repairs and withstand freezing temperatures. The coolant should be filled with a 50/50 mixture of distilled water and anti-freeze to prevent boiling over and freezing. Our experts will fully check the coolant level and make the necessary additions.

Windscreen wiper check

The weather can change drastically during winters. It is vital to have a clear vision while driving. During the car winter check Luton, at our workshop, our experts will inspect the state of your windscreen wipers to ensure that they are working optimally. We will also top up the screen wash if necessary.

Oil level

Insufficient engine oil can lead to serious engine damage. You should check the oil level in your car frequently. Remember, too much oil in the engine can be as bad as too little. Hence, our experts refer to the manufacturer recommendations to refill the oil to the required level.

Apart from these checks we will certainly also have a look at your vehicle’s outside and inside lights to make sure, you see, and will be seen.

Why choose us?

Our professionals stick by your side to provide the necessary arrangements and make your vehicle safe for your winter drives. We try our best to provide:

  • Exceptional products designed for the winter season
  • Assurance for better performance
  • On-time service
  • Affordable services
  • Prompt repairs and replacements
  • No hidden charges.

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