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We are a reliable destination for all exhaust-related services and have a team of experts who specialise in EGR valve replacements for every vehicle make and model.

We use specialist devices to conduct a thorough inspection of the EGR valve of your car to understand the nature of the damage and then decide the right course of action.

In case a replacement is needed, we will use only OE-grade spares for utmost safety.

What is an EGR valve?

EGR or Exhaust Gas Recirculation is a process in which a small portion of the harmful exhaust gases gets re-circulated into the engine's combustion. The EGR process lowers combustion temperatures and reduces Nitrogen Oxide emissions, thereby making the exhaust gas more environmentally-friendly.

The EGR valve is the primary component of the EGR system of a vehicle that connects the intake manifold to the exhaust manifold. It is controlled by a built-in electric motor or vacuum. The main function of the EGR valve is to control and regulate the flow of exhaust gases that get re-circulated in the engine combustion system.

Symptoms of a faulty EGR valve

Driving with a faulty EGR valve can be seriously detrimental to your car's engine health and reduce its performance in the long run. In order to avoid costly repairs in future, it is highly recommended to get a routine check of the EGR valve and opt for timely EGR repair Luton from a reliable workshop.

Here are some tell-tale signs of a faulty EGR valve:

  • Black smoke from the exhaust system
  • Reduced engine power
  • Unusual noises from the engine
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Check engine light is illuminated on the dashboard, etc.

If you notice any of these symptoms, we recommend you to come to our workshop as soon as possible. Any further delay can severely damage the EGR system of your car and reduce your vehicle’s roadworthiness.

Why choose us?

You may find several DIY-friendly kits and methods online for EGR replacements. However, such kits lack standardisation, and it is extremely difficult to conduct the intricate EGR repairs effectively without a detailed understanding. Hence, we recommend to only rely on an expert garage like Autosave instead.

Our technicians have years of experience in EGR repairs and replacements.

We offer both EGR cleaning and EGR valve replacement Luton.

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